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  • How much is your cheapest Complete Frame Packages?
    Our cheapest Complete Frame Packages (Frame + Lens + Eye Test) will be the B$38 package which includes the package Frame, 1.61 branded thin Aspheric Lens with UV400 and STEEL Coating for degrees/SPH up to -8.00* and Professional Eye Tests done ONLY by one of our in-house MOE-Accredited and MOH-Registered Optometrists using our advanced eye testing equipment's.
  • Do you accept payments by cards?
    Besides cash, all our branches also accepts VISA, MASTER CARDS and DEBIT CARDS payments.
  • Do I need to go back to the branch I purchased my frame before to enjoy my free frame adjustments* and free frame cleaning for life services?
    No you do not have to. You can visit any of Perfect Vision branches as per your convenience to get these free services done as we do keep past purchase records of all our dear valued Customers in our accounts system.
  • Why Perfect Vision do not do online consultations or sales of prescription glasses and contact lenses?
    All prescription glasses and contact lenses are categorized as 'medical-devices' so it is against the law for us to do consultations on them thru' online without proper vision testings done beforehand. All these professional services especially eye tests and vision consultations must be done in person (face to face) between the Customer and one of our in-house MOH-registered Optometrists.
  • Do you accept outside purchased frames for lens change?
    For the comfort, safety and well-being of all our dear valued Customers, kindly be informed that all Perfect Vision branches DO NOT ACCEPT frames that was purchased elsewhere especially online if they wish to have the lens changed or for any adjustments whatsoever including parts replacements. Only frames that has been purchased from us previously will be entitled to our 'Free Adjustments for Life & Free Frame Cleaning for Life*', as well as for any other services including frame adjustments & replacement of lenses.
  • Can you branches accommodate customers on wheelchairs?
    At all Perfect Vision branches, all our refraction rooms (eye check rooms) are large enough to comfortably accommodate wheelchair Customers in order for our MOH-Registered in-house Optometrists to perform detailed eye checks. At our main branch at Seri QLap Mall, two refraction rooms (eye check rooms) are also available. Conveniently, all our branches are also located on Ground Floors for a much easier access/ wheelchair-friendly.
  • Do you do Colour Blind (CVD) eye test?
    Yes we do have the facilities to perform colour-blind (Colour Vision Deficiencies-CVD) eye tests which includes the Farnsworth-Munsell Dichotomous D-15 Test and Ishihara Test (on appointment basis). At Perfect Vision, we also sell the special contact lens, sunglasses and indoor glasses for those with this problem. Kindly contact us directly for appointment at: 2342772 / 7122772.
  • How long can my new glasses be ready?
    If your power/ degree & CYL is within our stock lens availability, then it can be ready within 15-30 minutes after your eye tests (subjected to other earlier customer's waiting time as well if any).
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