Perfect Vision is currently the only eye care optical center in Brunei that’s rendering holistic ‘hi-end’ optometry services to all its customers. Our ultimate mission is to help the world to have the most possible of perfect vision with various ways of eye corrections. Be it with a pair of glasses that makes you look good and feel great, safe and comfortable contact lenses (CE approved & certified), and by referrals for the latest technology of eye correction surgeries.


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Besides the largest collections of AFFORDABLE frame choices that we have for you to choose from starting from only B$38, Customers will also get free Full Refraction 'Visual' Eye Tests using our advanced visual eye testing equipment's performed only by one of our in-house MOE-Accredited & MOH-Registered & Approved Optometrists, Free Frame Adjustments for Life* and Free Frame Cleaning for Life* as well as Royal Skiles Miles points where you can redeem exciting prizes including free flight tickets, free extra baggage allowances, free upgrade to Business Class, and many more!

At Perfect Vision, our aim is not just to sell glasses and contact lenses because the overall eye health of all our Customers is very important too. That is why we have invested so much more in all our advanced optometry equipment's to ensure that we can deliver the best services and results to all our Customers, in accordance and in-line with the International Optometry Law and Regulations.

Many customers are not aware of the importance of a professional and accurate eye testing before any glasses or contact lens purchases which will then results in customers having additional unnecessary problems after their glasses are made which includes headaches and dizziness after wearing their new pair of glasses or contact lenses.


At Perfect Vision, FREE Professional Eye Tests are done only by one of our MOE-Accredited and MOH-Registered & Approved in-house Optometrists using our advanced 'visual' eye testing equipment's with any new purchase of our Complete Frame Packages or any of our Certified-SAFE Contact Lenses.



Perfect Vision Brunei is the only eye care optical center in Brunei and within the region that has collaborations with four renown Eye Specialist Centers for refractive surgery referral including LASIK, Cataract, ICL, etc. Latest LASIK surgery includes the Relex Smile which is the safest in the market with the fastest recovery period.

1) KPJ Center for Sight Malaysia

2) ISEC Malaysia

3) Shinagawa Singapore

4) Thai Eye Center Thailand

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